Monday, 14 February 2011

Questionaire and Audience

The audience that I am aiming for are males between the ages of 16-24.My feature article however also appeals to females due to the nature of it. The magazine is a Dance and RnB magazine so therefore the audience I am targeting is a one that is interested in both genres. However in order to back this up I have created a questionnaire.

I order to give my magazine the largest audience possible I created a questionaire to find out what current genre of magazines are popular and what age my target audience is, as well as price range and artists they like to read about, this lead to me creating a questionaire and handing it out to as many people as possible. I hope by using this questionaire that I can reach my target audience and connect with them.

 Circle the answer most appropriate.

Gender ?

Male          Female
Age ?

14-16              17-20              21-24             24+
Do you read music magazines?

Yes               No
What genre of music magazines do you usually buy?
RnB                          Dance                    Indie                      Rock                Heavy Metal        Other

If other please state..................................................
How much would you usually pay for a Magazine?
£1.00-£1.99           £2.00-£2.99           £3.00-£3.99         £4.00-£4.99         more?
How often do you purchase a magazine?

Daily                    Weekly                    Fortnightly                    Monthly        Other

If other please state................................
What catches your eye most in a magazine?

  Photography             Editing            Text              Feature Article               Artist on the cover
Who would you like to see on the magazine cover?

A group           A male artist                A female artist

What colour scheme do you prefer?

Light                Dark               

How many colours would you like to see on the cover?

One          Two          Three        Four       More than Four

Flat Plans :)

This is the flat plan for my feature article, it consits of the article which is a question and answer article accompanied by a few pictures, as well as a quotation headline to break up the article.

This is the Flat plan for the cover of my magazine, the only difference being that the text down one side of the main image, will also be down the other side to make it symetrical.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

This is a poor shot as the framing is out of proportion and if the photographer was going for a low angle shot the camera should be pointing up instead of directly along the floor. This is an example of poor photography.

This can be seen as a good medium shot of a model as it captures them from the waste up. This would not usually be used as a Front cover due to him not looking down the camera lense, however it would be seen on a feature article.
Origionally I chose this Establishing long shot to be the picture for the cover of my magazine however, I chose a medium shot to use with a model. This picture was used as a smaller image in one of my sub articles so that the shot was not wasted. This can be seen as good photography


Ideology is a belief system and how people see things, so the tags that are used are important, due to how your target audience see the tags. It is used in media to direct how people see things e.g. pictures and text and how they feel that these images and pieces of text will lead to the thing that they want to see.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

This is my final contents page.
As can be seen here the title is yellow and blue as oppose to blue and yellow, the writing also reflects the colour scheme of the logo, again I felt the back ground was too bland so added a gradiented back ground as I had done on the front cover.
I also had to create a basic contents page and took a selection of smaller pictures to use. I also chose to make the title the opposite colour scheme as on the front cover.

This is my final front cover.
After playing around with the writing I decided to keep the colour scheme reflecting the logo, however it left the magazine feeling blank. I then decided to add in a Gradient back ground to add a bit more depth to the front cover and I am happy with how it turned out. I did not include a bar code as with it being a school magazine it would not be scanned and are usually free. I also included a website to make it more real and give it a multi media feel.

I then proceeded to alter the image and put it onto a plane background surrounded by some Text that followed the conventions of a typical magazine

We recently started our premlimanery magazine, and set about taking pictures from all around the school. I chose a picture taken on the spur of the moment and set about altering it using photo shop.