Monday, 28 March 2011

Magazine Covers

 Focuses more on the RnB aspect of the music world, Title is in large bubble font that stretches across the full top 5th of the page. Above this there is smaller writing in yellow and white alternate suggesting to the reader something to do with these people are inside. The mise-en-scene is black background, Drake takes up the main centre of the page showing the audience he is important and he also has black accessories. There is a yellow and white colour scheme on a black back ground, it also contains links to the website and a barcode and issue addition. The writing shown on the tshirt of the centre model is also close to the heading of the magazine. The shot used is a medium close up. There is also bright font showing an exclusive interview, showing the reader what to expect. The act that drake is wearing a black cap and tshirt on a black background could reflect the magazines African American audience.
Is a more accredited magazine and more widely recognised in the music industry, its target audience is the Indy/ rock genre. There is a lot more happening on the NME cover than on the simplistic cover of VIBE, the main picture is to the right hand side and is a medium shot of two people standing back to back on a white plain back ground, the interview and description of the feature article is a lot more prominent on the cover of NME with red writing on a black background of the picture along with a quote. It also contains a bar code and issue number, the title is conventional of NME and is red with white outline and a black border. Above this there is also a news section giving the audience more information as to what to expect. All the information is contained down the left hand side of the magazine cover unlike VIBE where the information was split across both sides highlighting how Drake was the centre of this magazine issue and had made a lasting impression.

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