Thursday, 5 May 2011

Evaluation- (How does your media product represent particular social groups)

Therefore my magazine does not interfere with the feminist society and the controversial images of women we now see on front covers due to it containing mostly male models, our society now is post feminist which allows the media to carry out things without fear of persecution.The traditional RnB scene projects the image of the men being Alpha males and the women being less dominant. Feminists such as Naomi Wolf would suggests that women are looked down on and used. However the post feminist society suggests that they use what they have got to gain the benefits. My magazine sticks with the image of the male being dominant as a large proportion of the images are of males and the content is also aimed at males. However the feature article appeals to females in order to incorporate the dance genre audience.

Less pressure is placed upon the models to be slim unlike the pop genre, especially the males. The model I have used is slim, due to it being something that is common but not necessary in the genre I am directing my product towards. My magazine is aimed towards a male audience, due to its contents, however the story of the feature article, is more directed towards the female perspective. The rags to riches almost fairy tale story is something most women enjoy reading about. The fact that my main artist could now be looked at as a role model is something that appeals to younger audiences.

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