Thursday, 5 May 2011

Evaluation-(Who would be your audience for your media product and How did you attract address your audience)

My target audience is males between the ages of 16-24, they will usually be of working class back ground and therefore the magazine must be priced to target this audience, they will usually be knowledgable about the genre, and usually attend events.

After handing out a questionnaire I decided to market my magazine at the price of £2.50. This is aimed at the lower end of the market and will be released fortnightly.

The thing that attracted most people to my magazine was:

The colour Scheme was the thing that most attracted people, followed closely by the layout and colour scheme of my front cover.

Alex is 18 and a full times sales assistant, his average income is £800 per month. He admits sometimes things can be financially difficult, however he is a music lover and admits the magazine is reasonably priced for what it contains. It is a relativley small price but it contributes to the £50-£60 he spends per month on music related items. He is the type of individual that I am attempting to target with my magazine.

Attraction of Audience
I attempted to attract the audience by using a model that is of a similar age to the target audience. The model is also wearing similar close to the target audience so therefore the audience will be able to feel closer and part of the magazine, giving them a sense of ownership.

I attracted my audience by carrying out close analysis of products such as Mixmag and Vibes, this then allowed me to develop my magazine by placing hooks on the front cover for give aways and prizes.

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